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Indigenous women’s ‘more complex’ idea of biodiversity

By Dianna Bautista
In a conversation with University World News, Dr. Luciane Lucas dos Santos, discusses the importance of women in biodiversity conservation efforts, with an emphasis on the impact of traditional and indigenous women. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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Coffee Talk with Rosalie Van Dam

Join us for a coffee chat with Rosalie van Dam, a social scientist from the Wageningen Environmental Research at Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Along with her colleagues Roel During and Judith Westerink, she coordinates the EU research project BIOTraCes.

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Six new schoolyards in Vitoria-Gasteiz are being naturalised this summer 

Six new schoolyards in Vitoria-Gasteiz are being naturalised this summer For several years now, the educational community has been transforming schoolyards into more inclusive, co-educational, sustainable, and greener spaces. The overall goal: To turn them into social meeting points and an expanded space for learning and education.  Based on naturalisation interventions,

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Tapping traditional herders’ wisdom to nurture biodiversity

By Fintan Burke
An ethnoecologist has spent 15 years working with herders in his native Hungary and elsewhere to see how their ‘traditional ecological knowledge’ and biodiversity goals can work together to develop a tradition-based grazing system that is good for animals and other species..

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The hidden knowledge that could help us manage the biodiversity crisis

By Juan F. Samaniego
The BIOTraCes project studies local, innovative ways to heal the relationship between nature and human societies. Expansion of agriculture, growing urbanisation, modification of water regimes, or pollution are the main causes behind the loss of biodiversity. The solution to it also lies within human societies, but it may be hidden in ancient, almost forgotten knowledge.

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