Celebrating International Biodiversity Day with our case study series

Biodiversity affects all aspects of life on Earth. This year’s International Biodiversity Day celebrates the restoration and conservation actions taken for nature.

BIOTraCes acts through our nine case studies. Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing the individual cases by presenting short films. And just like biodiversity itself, they cover a broad range and geographically span across Europe: In Sweden, we seek to protect the forests by empowering the voices of local landowners. In the east, our Lithuanian case study explores perspectives on river dam removal. Travelling south, our Hungarian case study aims to preserve the knowledge of traditional herders. And in neighbouring Romania, our partners are creating a food label to preserve the unique nature of the Sanchiz region. Westward, our Italian partners are focused on the restoration of the Simeto River valley. Sustainable food production is emphasised in our Amsterdam study and the Mértola Future Lab in Portugal. Our final two cases, led by the Basque country and Wageningen partners aim to limit urbanisation through green spaces and an eco-village. The interaction between society and nature and the use of sustainable solutions to counteract biodiversity loss is at the heart of all the cases. We will use the results from our studies as a basis for our Theory of Transformative Change.  Together we are working together for a greener future. Join us today (and everyday) as we celebrate #BiodiverstiyDay and help #BuildBackBiodiversity.

Learn more about our case studies here: Actions – Biotraces