Getting the taste: Our first live meeting in Wageningen

BIOTraces officially started on Dec 1, 2022 – and we´ve had several online meeting. Now, finally, our first face-to-face meeting in Wageningen, Netherlands took place on Feb 9-10, 2023.

The transformative nine

Protecting nature across Europe: Our EU-project BIOTraCes is a big booster for biodiversity. Eco-communities, rewilding river sides, protecting ancient herding traditions. These are only a few ofthe nine case studies we will perform to transform.

It´s a premiere: Our live meeting at Wageningen Research 

And what a great first face-to-face meeting it was at the WUR Wageningen campus: Living proof of how smoothly and creatively 30 people from nine European nations can collaborate. The overall goal of the project is to increase biodiversity in Europe. Therefore, our researchers will develop a Theory of Transformative Change. It will be based on the results of the nine case studies and includes ecological, political and societal aspects.

Inside BIOTraCes 

To give an overview of the nine case studies, our BIOTraCes partners produced short films. Some of them will be published on our BIOTRaCes social media channels soon. Also, our communication partner ESCI filmed the ecovillage site in Wageningen with one of the initatiors. This is one of the nine case studies – a sustainable, nature-inclusive ecovillage at a beautiful spot in Wageningen. And – naturally, ESCI filmed interviews with the coordinators of the project, Rosalie van Dam, Judith Westerink and Roel During. And where would they have been filmed? Naturally, in an nature – inclusive building on the WUR campus – they have an inside garden that was built already 30 years ago. Biodiversity avantgarde!

Download the press release here